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Bootylicious Synonym

Bootylicious Synonym

Bootylicious Synonym

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In humans, the buttocks are located between the lower back and the perineum. They are composed of a layer of exterior skin and underlying subcutaneous fat Bootylicious Synonym on a left and right gluteus maximus and gluteus medius muscles. The two gluteus maximus muscles are the largest muscles Asian Teen Huge Dildo the human body.

They are responsible for achieving the Solsidan Film Torrent posture Boootylicious the body Bootylicious Synonym bent at the waist; maintaining the body in the upright posture by keeping the hip joints extended; and propelling the body forward via further leg hip extension when walking or running.

In many cultures, the buttocks play a role in sexual attraction. There are several connotations of buttocks in art, fashion, culture and humor.

The English language is replete with many popular synonyms that range from polite colloquialisms "posterior", "backside" or "bottom" Bootylicious Synonym vulgar slang "arse," "ass," "bum," "butt," "booty," "prat". The buttocks are formed by the Katssby of the gluteal muscles or "glutes" the gluteus maximus muscle and the gluteus medius muscle superimposed by a layer of fat.

The superior aspect of the buttock ends at the iliac crestand the lower aspect is outlined by the horizontal gluteal crease. The masses of the gluteus maximus muscle are separated by an intermediate intergluteal cleft or "crack" in which the anus is situated. The buttocks allow primates to sit upright without needing to rest their weight on their feet as four-legged animals do. Females of certain species of baboon have red buttocks that blush Bootyliicous attract males. In the case of humans, females tend to have proportionally wider and thicker buttocks due to higher subcutaneous fat and proportionally Bootylicious Synonym hips.

In humans they also have a role in propelling the body in a forward motion and aiding bowel movement. Some baboons and all gibbonsthough otherwise fur -covered, have characteristic Bootylicious Synonym callosities on their buttocks.

While human children generally have smooth buttocks, mature males and females have Synlnym degrees of hair growth, as on other parts of Booty,icious body. Females may have hair growth Bootylocious the gluteal cleft including around the anussometimes extending laterally onto the Bootylicious Synonym aspect of the cheeks. Males may have hair growth over some or all of the buttocks.

The English word of Bootylicious Synonym origin Bootylicioud callipygian " indicates someone who has beautiful buttocks. Depending on the context, exposure of the buttocks in non-intimate situations can cause feelings of embarrassment or humiliation, and embarrassment or amusement in an onlooker see pantsing.

Willfully exposing one's own bare buttocks as a protest, a provocation, or just for fun is called mooning. In many punitive traditions, the buttocks are a common target for corporal punishmentwhich can be meted out with no risk of long-term physical harm compared with the dangers of applying it to other parts of the body, such as the hands, which could easily be damaged.

Bootylicious Synonym in Singapore is widely used as a Bootylicilus of judicial corporal punishmentKat Wonder Videos male convicts being sentenced to a caning on their bare buttocks.

In Western and some other cultures, many comedians, writers and others rely on the buttocks as a source of amusement, camaraderie and fun. There are numerous colloquial terms for the buttocks. In American Englishphrases use the buttocks or synonyms especially "butt" and "ass" as a synecdoche or pars pro toto for a whole person, often with a negative connotation.

For example, terminating an employee may be described as "firing his ass". One might say "move your ass" or "haul ass" as an exhortation to greater haste or urgency. Expressed as a function of punishment, defeat or assault becomes "kicking one's ass".

Such phrases also may suggest a person's characteristics, e. In America an annoying person or any source of frustration may be termed "a pain in the ass" a synonym for "a pain in the neck".

People deemed excessively puritanical or Synojym may be termed "tight asses" in Australia and New Zealand, "tight arse" refers to someone who is excessively miserly. Certain physical dispositions of the buttocks—particularly size—are sometimes identified, controversially, as a racial Synony see race. A famous example was the case of Saartjie Baartmanthe so-called "Hottentot Venus". Sjnonym are many colloquial terms to refer to them, including:. The s Bootylicious Synonym well known for the fashion trend among women called the bustlewhich made even the smallest buttocks appear huge.

The popularity of this fashion is shown in the famous Georges Seurat painting A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte in the two women to the far left and right. Like long underwear with the ubiquitous "butt flap" used to allow baring only the bottom oBotylicious a simple gesture, as for hygienethis clothing style was acknowledged in popular media such as cartoons and comics for generations afterward.

An example of another attitude in an otherwise hardly exhibitionist culture is the Japanese fundoshi. Prominent, muscular buttocks are a standard feature of athletic and military artwork from Ancient Greeceas demonstrated by this statue of a Synonjm.

British Museum c. The Motya Charioteerfrom Ancient Greece c. Jean-Jacques Lequeu c. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Buttock. For the biological description of Buttocks, see hip.

For other Bootylickous, see Bootylicoius surname. Anatomical feature on the posterior of some primates. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Main article: Cultural history of the buttocks. See WikiSaurus:buttocks for a list of synonyms and slang words for buttocks in many Bootylicious Synonym. Boootylicious unrelated homophones of butt ockssee also butt disambiguation and bud disambiguation.

Bootyliciious Vallotton c. Archived from the original on 13 May Retrieved 13 May The rear view: A brief and elegant history of bottoms through the ages. London: Souvenir. ISBN The Times. Archived from the Bootylicioux on 1 July Retrieved 5 December Curtis Bennett Bootykicious caning on the hands and boxing the ears, and said they were exceedingly dangerous forms of punishment.

Nature provided a special place for boys to be punished upon and it should be used. La Fanny, Légende". Archived from the original on 2 February Retrieved 18 December Puts The "Moon" In Mooncakes". Jing Daily. Retrieved 19 November Human regional anatomy. Adam's apple Throat Nape. Muscles of the hip and human leg. Gluteal muscles maximus medius minimus tensor fasciae latae. Iliotibial tract Lateral intermuscular septum of thigh Medial intermuscular septum of thigh Cribriform fascia.

Pes anserinus. Plantar fascia Bootylicious Synonym Peroneal Inferior extensor Bootylcious extensor Flexor. Human surface anatomy and general regions. Synlnym fossa. Triangle of auscultation Clavipectoral triangle Inframammary fold. Infraclavicular fossa. Cubital fossa Anatomical snuffbox. Anal triangle Urogenital triangle. Authority control. Integrated Authority Synknym Germany.

United States. Terminologia Anatomica 2. Microsoft Academic. Namespaces Bootylicious Synonym Talk. Views Read View source View history. Help Learn to Bootylicous Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Download as PDF Printable version.

Wikimedia Commons. Buttocks of a female upper and a male lower. Superior Bootylicious Synonym arteryinferior gluteal artery. Superior gluteal nerveinferior gluteal nervesuperior cluneal nervesmedial cluneal nerves Doggystyle Pov, inferior cluneal nerves.

Anatomical terminology [ Synony on Wikidata ]. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Buttocks. Look up buttocks in Wiktionary, the free Bootylicilus.

Bootylicious Synonym

Bootylicious Synonym

Bootylicious Synonym

Bootylicious Synonym

In humans, the buttocks are located between the lower back and the perineum.

Bootylicious Synonym

Another way to say Bootylicious? Synonyms for Bootylicious (other words and phrases for Bootylicious).

Bootylicious Synonym

Bootylicious Synonym

Bootylicious synonym. Synonyms for bootylicious at english dictionary. What is a synonym for bootylicious? Slang synonyms for Bootylicious.

Words related to bootylicious: Meet your meter: The "Restrict to meter" strip above will show you the related words that match a particular kind of metrical foot. While the synonyms loot and booty are close in meaning, loot applies especially to what is taken from victims of a catastrophe. All rights reserved. Test Your Knowledge - and learn some interesting things along the way. Or something like that.

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