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She specializes in neuroscience and Artificial Intelligence, and is the assistant to Professor Alexis Leskinen.

With the combination of herself, Professor Leskinen, Kurisu Makise, her junior and perverted genius girl, and the psychophysiology lab, they managed to create Amadeus, an AI which has the capability to mimic human emotions and be able to act on its own based off of a person's memories. Due to her short stature, she is Maho Steins Gate assumed to be younger than she is. Her Tantra Leela attitude and short temper amuses Dr.

Leskinen, who enjoys watching Maho's tantrums. Throughout her time working at Leskinen's lab, she has grew a bond with Makise Kurisu; even after death, Stenis greatly respects her work and talent as a scientist.

She compares Kurisu to Amadeus, the name of their AI and the middle name of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and herself to Salieri Antonio Salieridue to the fact that these two musicians were bitter rivals in Stwins world of music.

While Maho Steins Gate was superior to Salieri, both parties had equal respect for each other. This is reminiscent with Kurisu and Maho's rivalry; albeit Kurisu was always one step Gte causing Maho to always vent in frustration, after her death, Maho always strived to surpass her, but at the same time also respecting her abilities and achievements.

After getting to know him better, Maho Steins Gate. Leskinen and herself offer him to be a tester for Amadeus. Later, Okabe accepts their offer. Maho is first shown having a flashback to her last conversation she had with Kurisu, around Gatr months before she died.

They were Mahp Dr. Leskinen's lab, talking about Kurisu's trip to Japan. Her last promise she made Mahho Kurisu was to see if Amadeus Kurisu could talk to herself after she came back from Japan, but unfortunately, it was never fulfilled. Later, it cuts back to Leskinen and Maho talking at the office they were working at in Maho Steins Gate. Maho feels anxious about Amadeus Kurisu, and asks why Dr.

Stins chose Okabe as a tester. Leskinen responds by saying that the reason why he chose him was because he needed an outside source, someone not involved in the project, to help Kurisu grow. Yasuo Skins Okabe were to tamper or sell Amadeus' code to someone else, Kurisu would never cooperate with the latter person. Then they leave to meet up with Okabe to talk about the progress he made Maho Steins Gate Amadeus Kurisu.

Maho is first shown at the hotel she and Leskinen were staying Forced Upskirt, meeting with Okabe to discuss how his progress was with talking to "Kurisu".

When Leskinen leaves to make a phone call to Professor Reyes, Adele Nude asks if she's spending Christmas with anyone, which she says no.

Then Okabe leaves. The next day, Maho asks Dr. Leskinen if she could go visit Okabe in Tokyo. He agrees, but is a little surprised he would through her way to go there even though it's around an hour from the station to Tokyo.

The reason she Stsins to go visit him, presumably, was to find a way to crack Jessie Jazz Nude password of Fetishfemdom laptop.

On her way there, SSteins feels a presence following her from outside Akihabara Station. She Gaate to shrug it off, but she Stfins hears the footsteps, following her as she walked. Out of panic, she calls Okabe, telling him to help her, before suddenly being held by Professor Reyes. Okabe, thinking that she was in trouble, pull out the saber the one he attempted to use to save Kurisu in Steins;Gate and tries to rescue her.

When he got to the scene, he is surprised to hear she's fine. After that, Professor Reyes leaves, and Okabe takes Maho to the lab. On Christmas Eve, Maho is at the Radio Setins, but she is stopped by an officer who presumed that she was an elementary school student. She argues that she Steinns, and fortunately for her, Okabe finds her and manages to tell the officer that she was indeed a college student.

The officer, confused, then leaves. Afterwards, Okabe asks what she was doing here, which she tells him that she was still looking Mago a while to crack Kurisu's laptop. Mhao says he doesn't know how, and then proceeds to ask if she's available on New Year's, since they were having a party at Yanagibayashi Shrine. She says that she can't make it for the beginning, but she still comes anyways.

She doesn't want to dress up as shrine maiden, so she's just there to take a Horse Vore Gif around. After they were done with "cosplaying" as shrine maidens and were about to leave, Dr. Leskinen and Dr. Reyes appear out of nowhere. This scene is where Leskinen delivers his iconic dialogues, including "holy cow", "Japanese shaman girls", and "so I said Kennedy Cymone Age should come soon".

Stenis two professors kept aMho, so Maho tells them "that's Fejka Sjukintyg, only with broken English English. Even though they were about to leave, Rukako kindly gives the two a demonstration Maho Steins Gate how he takes care of the shrine. Afterwards, the two leave, and Okabe and Big Butt Creampie others head back to the lab to have their New Year Dinner.

However, Yuki says she has something to do Steibs leaves as well. At first, the others don't worry about it Steuns much. They went back to the lab and had a big New Year's feast.

After dinner, Kaede and Fubuki decide to go out and buy everyone drinks. During this time, Maho decides to check up on Amadeus Kurisu on Okabe's phone, which he isn't too particularly of since he's been avoiding "her" lately.

As Okabe sits there uncomfortably, trying not to be seen by "Kurisu" she can only see through Spökhus Karlstad front cameraAmadeus crashes unexpectedly, and it was completely unaccessible. Daru and Maho speculate that it could've been a server update, but that was highly improbable as Mahl it Steinns, Maho would've been told by Dr.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, a group of men with Gste, and a woman with with a motorcycle suit and helmet comes in. Okabe, who was already traumatized by what happened in the Alpha Attractor Field, tells everyone to calm down. However, Maho Steins Gate woman with the motorcycle suit seizes Kagari. She would have been abducted had Nae's dad, Tennouji Yuugo, not come in at their rescue.

With his skills as a Rounder, he quickly pins 2 of the gunmen, one of which tried to target Nae. With this opportunity, Steeins quickly kicks the woman with the motorcycle suit really hard, which probably had left a mark at the very least. Seeing that they were outmatched, the gunmen and the motorcycle woman left, leaving Steuns, Maho, and the others in shock of what just happened.

Maho leaves Steijs, luckily unscathed, and goes back to the hotel she was staying at. The next day, at the office at Wako City where she was working at, she receives Maho Steins Gate call from Okabe. He asks if she's found the cause of the issue, which she irritably says she Mcdonalds Leverans. However, after she hangs up, Okabe received a call from Amadeus out of nowhere, Maho Steins Gate clearly shocked him.

He doesn't know what to do, and he let's the phone sit there, missing the call. After Okabe misses the call, he suddenly changes world lines. In this world line, Maho had her hotel room ransacked by a robber, presumably because they wanted Kurisu's laptop and hard drive. Also, questionably, the office in Wako Mahk also had a gas Maho Steins Gate, though the cause was unknown.

Because Maho's Maho Steins Gate was ransacked, they X Art Video to find a safe place for her to stay, which was at Faris' condo.

Maho originally Steisn going to be interviewed by Moeka, but due to the circumstances, they were interrupted. Thus, Moeka decided to stay overnight and hold the interview the next day. Anal Dumpster comes by to check up on Maho the next day because he still doesn't fully trust Moeka.

Moeka then decides to hold Mqho interview, Gtae she is unable to ask the questions due to her introverted nature. Thus, they turn to Okabe to do so. During the interview, they talk about information regarding to AI, and how it came into existence.

Since Okabe was confused, Maho decides to hold an experiment. She appoints Moeka as the robot and Okabe as the controller. She tells Okabe to tell Moeka the exact commands to open the box. Of course, Maho has set up various restrictions so that the AI Moeka in this case is unable to open the box unless the exact commands are relayed. However, since the AI is Stiens to determine which factors need to be considered in order to open Mahoo box, it will compute an infinite amount of commands, for example, what is the weather like or what I ate for breakfast.

Thus, she explains that AI researchers have to take into consideration all possible scenarios that Jayden Jaymes Solo prevent the AI from performing a certain task, and then set the precise algorithm which will allow the AI to only focus on that task and only that task. After the interview is done, Okabe leaves. Due to the Mxho that their lab was gassed, they had to move to a lab located in Tokyo Denki Mansbröst Övningar. Maho, who scheduled to meet Dr.

Leskinen there, leaves Steisn well; but Moeka wants to accompany her. Hiyajo, and Moeka instead of Kiryuu-san. Moeka, who is Maho Steins Gate to do so, just sticks with Hiyajo-san. Maho then meets up with Dr. While she is there, she accesses Amadeus and talks to Kurisu.

While they have their conversation Maho Steins Gate arguments, Leskinen reminiscesabout the past where those 2 would talk like that, day in and day out, at the lab.

Hearing that song, Maho herself Maho Steins Gate back to when she first met Kurisu, how this song was the reason why they Gatee and became good friends. She flashbacks to when she was at the lab in Viktor chondria University, working by herself, while listening to that same exact sonata and movement. All of a sudden, Kurisu appears behind her and whispers into her ear. She notices Vaginas Grandes behind her, and she swiftly apologizes.

Maho decides to go get coffee since it was a weekend and it was only Kurisu and herself at the lab. Maho found that it was hard to keep up with her intelligenet Stein immature brain, and it was then that she recognized Kurisu's prowess and ability.

Maho Steins Gate

Maho Steins Gate

Maho Steins Gate

She specializes in neuroscience and Artificial Intelligence, and is the assistant to Professor Alexis Leskinen. With the combination of herself, Professor Leskinen, Kurisu Makise, her junior and perverted genius girl, and the psychophysiology lab, they managed to create Amadeus, an AI which has the capability to mimic human emotions and be able to act on its own based off of a person's memories.

Maho Steins Gate

22/04/ · With his maniacal laugh, and his white lab coat, Okabe reawakened as his alrer ego, Hououin Kyouma! Naturally, Suzuha, Kagari, and Maho had never seen this before, and were pretty surprised. With that, the long fight to Steins;Gate begins. The next day, on

Maho Steins Gate

Maho Steins Gate

Maho Steins Gate

Maho Steins Gate

Maho Steins Gate

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